Shirley Marathon

This month The Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon are arranging readings of James Shirley’s dramatic canon. This is becoming something of a tradition after the Beaumont and Fletcher marathon of 2013 and the Thomas Heywood marathon of 2014. The Shirley readings sound particularly interesting as it is run in co-operation with the Oxford University Press edition of Shirley’s complete works. This is a great chance to read some rarely-read plays, including, incidentally, The Gentleman of Venice, which I’l be talking about today at this event, on medieval and early modern gardens. For details of the Shirley reading, see here. For the full schedule, see below:

Monday 15 June
2.30: The School of Compliment
7.00: The Maid’s Revenge

Tuesday 16 June
10.30: The Wedding
2.30: The Witty Fair One 

Wednesday 17 June
10.30: The Contention for Honour and Riches
2.30: The Grateful Servant 

Thursday 18 June
2.30: The Traitor
7.00: The Humorous Courtier 

Friday 19 June
10.30: Love’s Cruelty
2.30: The Changes 

Saturday 20 June
10.30: Hyde Park
2.30: The Ball 

Monday 22 June
2.30: The Bird in a Cage
7.00: The Young Admiral 

Tuesday 23 June
10.30: The Gamester
2.30: The Triumph of Peace & The Example 

Wednesday 24 June
10.30: The Opportunity
2.30: The Coronation 

Thursday 25 June
2.30: The Arcadia
7.00: The Lady of Pleasure 

Friday 26 June
10.30: The Duke’s Mistress
2.30: The Royal Master 

Saturday 27 June
10.30: The Constant Maid
2.30: The Politician 

Monday 29 June
2.30: St Patrick for Ireland
7.00: The Gentleman of Venice 

Tuesday 30 June
10.30: The Doubtful Heir
2.30: The Imposture 

Wednesday 1 July
10.30: The Brothers
2.30: The Cardinal 

Thursday 2 July
2.30: The Sisters
7.00: The Court Secret 

Friday 3 July
10.30: Honoria and Mammon & The Triumph of Beauty
2.30: Cupid and Death & The Contention of Ajax and Ulysses


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