The Dearth of the Author

This evening (Wednesday, 3 June 8 PM BST) I will be speaking at the Oxford Renaissance Online Seminar. Details of how to tune in to the talk are available here. My talk is about why Philip Massinger was not named in the Beaumont and Fletcher folio of 1647 even though he made a much more significant contribution to the volume than one of the authors named on the title page. In case people have difficulty following my talk, or tuning in to the livestream, I’ve decided to upload a copy here. I’ll take this down at the end of the day. This is a work in progress, part of a wider project I’m calling Shakespeare’s Successors; everyone is welcome to read it (if you do read it, thank you) but please do not save or share the document. Anyone who wants to chat to me about the talk can find me on Twitter (@eoin_price) and email (

The Beaumont and Fletcher marathon | The Shakespeare blog

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