About Me

My name is Eoin Price and I am a Lecturer at Swansea University. I try to take a wide interest in the subject of Renaissance drama but in practice that interest takes three main forms:

Me Black and White.png1. The politics of performance of commercial drama c. 1574-1660 (and occasionally beyond)

2. The politics of playbook publication in the same period

3. The twenty-first century afterlife of Renaissance plays

I mostly use this blog to talk about the latter. I write short pieces on performances here but you can see my longer reviews in a variety of journals and web venues including Reviewing Shakespeare. I also blog about the reception of Renaissance drama, usually grumpily. I’ve used these pages to moan about newspaper reviews, TV documentaries, and prevailing scholarly attitudes to plays not by Shakespeare. I write happy things too; you can probably tell I like writing about Renaissance plays. I also tweet too much. You can find me on twitter @eoin_price.

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